Bigfoot Junior (aka The Son of Bigfoot) near the top of the Belgian box office in 2017

Bigfoot Junior

Produced by the hugely successful Brussels-based animation studio nWaveBigfoot Junior, directed by Ben Stassen and Jérémie Degruson, was released worldwide last Summer and grossed $50 million worldwide while attracting 200.000 viewers in Belgium alone. It ranks #7 among the 250+ films released by an independent Belgian distributor last year.

The film was supported by the Belgian Tax Shelter of Belgian Federal Government via Belga Films Fund for several million euros and co-produced by Belga Productions. The film also got support from two Belgian Regional Funds, namely Screen Brussels and WallimageBelga Films Fund also supports nWave’s next movie The Queen’s Corgi (release in 2019), currently being produced in Brussels.