In a market that declined by 20% in 2020, Belga Films Fund reaches new heights: 25M€ raised (+22% vs 2019)!

Tax Shelter

What a year it’s been! Knowing that our Tax Shelter fund fully depends on Belgian companies’ annual profits, one might have expected a strong decline in our Tax shelter fund-raising campaign. This is what the market figures showed: -20% vs 2019. But at Belga Films Fund, we posted a 22% growth. We might be doing some things right. This growth is a testimony of our approach: “conservatively ambitious”😉. Our Tax Shelter investors see that we are making the right project choices and managerial decisions. We maintain a 100% track-record: all our projects have received a 100% “Tax Shelter certificate” from the Belgian tax authorities. Investors trust our approach and come back year after year.

More than ever, international producers can call upon Belga Films Fund’s Tax Shelter financing and Belga Productions physical production expertise to “make their projects happen”.   For more information, contact us at