Making the Belga deal even sweeter! Regional support for several Belga Films Fund-backed projects


In the last few months, several projects financed by Belga Films Fund’s Tax Shelter branch have received backing from Belgium’s regional funds, thereby even sweetening the co-production deal and making the Belgian solution more attractive.

Last year, Kursk received massive Regional Funding from Belgium’s 3 Regional Funds (Screen Flanders, Screen Brussels and Wallimage). Kursk will have its world premiere September 6th on opening night of the Toronto Film Festival. The Most Assassinated Woman in the World, a Netflix-financed, French-speaking project produced by Fontana Films (Belgium) and Tax Sheltered by Belga Films Fund, received Wallimage funding.

This year, Notre-Dame-du-Nil, lead-produced by Les Films du Tambour and Chapter 2 (France) and directed by Atiq Rahimi, will benefit from Wallimage financing after successful application by Belga Productions. Notre-Dame-du-Nil will be shot in Rwanda next October.  7 heads of department will be Belgians (and eligible to both Tax Shelter and Wallonia fundings.

Additionally, Michel Hazanavicius’s new project Le Prince Oublié starring Omar Sy and Bérénice Béjo, co-produced by Belga Productions, did seduce Wallimage last July and will spend a significant amount in Wallonia.

For all the projects it co-produces, Belga is responsible for applying to local Regional Funds.  Regional Funding sweetens what is already an unparalleled proposal from Belga: Benelux distribution, local production services and in-house Belgian Tax Shelter funding.