County Lines_Ashley Madekwe

County Lines actress gets 2021 BAFTA nomination!

Congratulations to Ashley Madekwe for her nomination at BAFTA as "best supporting actress" for her role in County Lines! Produced by "Broder Blake", "Poisson Rouge Pictures" and "Belga Productions" as a proud co-producer. With the support of Belga Films Fund’s Tax Shelter.
Bigfoot Family

Huge success (we mean H-U-G-E!!!!) on Netflix for Belga Films Fund-backed Bigfoot Family!

nWave is Belgium’s most successful animation studio. Their most recent project, Bigfoot Family, was released in theaters worldwide in the summer and fall of 2020. But for territories such as the USA, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, the streaming platform Netflix acquired the distribution rights. The result? A blockbuster result! Bigfoot Family remained at the very top spot of the Netflix screening charts for 7 consecutive days in the USA and Canada (yes, that’s the #1 position, all formats & projects included!). Belga Films Fund brings approx. 5M€ of Tax Shelter to each nWave projects since 2015. Belga Films releases nWave projects in theaters and across all channels in the Benelux. If you want to know how Belga Films Fund can help you optimize your project's financing plan & budget through a co-productions with Belgium (in animation but also in feature films, TV series, etc), please do contact us at
2021 César nominations

Three Belga Films Fund-backed projects earn ten 2021 César nominations!

Antoinette dans les Cévènnes, lead-produced by Chapka Films and La Filmerie, totals 8 nominations including Best Picture.  Laure Calamy did eventually bring home the César for Best Actress. Félicitations, Laure! Miss, lead-produced by Chapka Films and Zazi Films, partly shot in Belgium under Belga Productions’ responsibility, had its actor Alexandre Wetter nominated as Best Supporting Actor. Josep, produced by Les Films d’Ici and Lumière, directed by Aurel, was nominated for Best Animation Feature.  And collected the prize! Congratulations to all producers & crew involved! Happy that we could help… 😉
Tax Shelter

In a market that declined by 20% in 2020, Belga Films Fund reaches new heights: 25M€ raised (+22% vs 2019)!

What a year it’s been! Knowing that our Tax Shelter fund fully depends on Belgian companies’ annual profits, one might have expected a strong decline in our Tax shelter fund-raising campaign. This is what the market figures showed: -20% vs 2019. But at Belga Films Fund, we posted a 22% growth. We might be doing some things right. This growth is a testimony of our approach: “conservatively ambitious”😉. Our Tax Shelter investors see that we are making the right project choices and managerial decisions. We maintain a 100% track-record: all our projects have received a 100% “Tax Shelter certificate” from the Belgian tax authorities. Investors trust our approach and come back year after year. More than ever, international producers can call upon Belga Films Fund’s Tax Shelter financing and Belga Productions physical production expertise to “make their projects happen”.   For more information, contact us at

“How did you manage?” Well… Belga Productions never shot as many projects as in 2020!

Hard to believe? But true! Resilience was the key word in 2020. In spite of the film shoots being stopped in Belgium by the COVID crisis from March 16th 2020 till June 30th 2020, Belga Productions took care of 3 important shootings in the 2nd semester of 2020. Two TV series for French TF1-owned group Newen completed their shootings under Belga Productions’ responsibility. For example, L’Opéra Saison 1, to be broadcast in September 2021, included 4,5 months of shooting in Belgium. Belga Productions set up the crew and managed to get…. 3 Regional funds attached (Screen Brussels, Screen Flanders, Wallimage). Belga Films Fund provided more than 3M€ in Tax Shelter financing. A third project, a WWII and 1980s feature film produced by Luxemburg-based IRIS, was shot in September and October in Belgium under Belga Productions’ supervision.

A third project with German producer Caligari brought to Belgium thanks to Belga Films Fund!

Munich-based Caligari first explored Belgium as a co-production territory in 2017 thanks to Belga Productions’ prospection efforts. And it seems to please them since… they keep coming back! With Tortel, a 26 x 22’ animated TV series, it will be the third Caligari-Belgium-Belga collaboration. And the Belgian portion of the project is getting bigger and bigger! Belga found the local studios for the tasks destined for Belgium, brought Tax Shelter funding and… added Belgian Regional support via Wallimage, extending Belga Productions track-record at this very active regional fund to 6 “yes” vs 1 “no”.  Can’t beat that! If you want to know more about Belga Films Fund’s ability to help you optimize (animation, live action, TV series, documentaries), please contact us at

Two Belga-backed projects to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival !

Only three and a half years after its launch, Belga’s Co-Production and Tax Shelter financing branches demonstrate their added value by having two films selected at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival.

Kursk, directed by Thomas Vinterberg, starring Matthias Schoenaerts, Colin Firth and Léa Seydoux, is set to premiere on opening night (September 6th) in Toronto.  Kursk recounts the tragic final hours of the real-life nuclear submarine explosion that left the ship stranded at the bottom of the Barents Sea, while bureaucratic obstacles impeded rescue and their families’ search for answers. Kursk is one of the most important shootings ever completed in Belgium (13.5M€ Belgian Spend; 75% of the shooting days). The movie benefited from massive Tax Shelter support by Belga Films Fund and from the support of the three Belgian Regional Funds (Screen Flanders, Screen Brussels and Wallimage). The film is lead-produced by Via Est (Luxemburg) with EuropaCorp managing international sales. Release date Belgium November 7th; the Netherlands December 6th. More info on IMDB.

Similarly, The Hummingbird Project, directed by Kim Nguyen, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgård and Salma Hayek, will have its world premiere on opening weekend in Toronto.  In The Hummingbird Project, Kim Nguyen exposes the ruthless side of our increasingly digital world where a millisecond can mean millions of dollars. An official Canada-Belgium co-production, the movie is the first Canadian project to receive Eurimage support.  Montréal-based Item 7 and Pierre Even are the lead-producers with HanWay managing international sales. More info on IMDB.

Both films benefitted from Belga’s unique triple play offer: Tax Shelter financing from Belga Films Fund, local production services from Belga Productions and Benelux distribution by Belga Films, the territory’s largest independent distributor.
u'est-ce qu'on a encore fait au bon Dieu_2

Already 30 audiovisual projects supported by Belga Productions in 2018 !

This year’s line-up of projects supported by Belga’s co-production and Tax Shelter financing branches is impressive and widely diversified as it includes feature films, TV series, animated feature films and TV series, documentaries and short-films, coming from Canada, Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. Among these 30 projects, Belga is currently co-producing three high-profile films:

  • Paul Verhoeven’s next film, Benedetta, starring Virginie Efira, Charlotte Rampling and Lambert Wilson.  Two years after Elle, Paul Verhoeven (Basic Instinct, Total Recall) won’t shy away from controversy by taking us to 17th century Italy and a monastery where Benedetta (Virginie Efira) suffers from disturbing religious and erotic visions. More info on IMDB.
  • The sequel of Qu’est ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu?, France’s 6th most successful film ever with 12M viewers in France and 175M$ box-office worldwide.
  • Le Prince Oublié, directed by Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) and starring Omar Sy and Bérénice Béjo.
In addition to Tax Shelter financing by Belga Films Fund, these three projects are benefiting from local production services by Belga Productions and will be distributed in Benelux by Belga Films and its Dutch affiliate Independent Films.

Making the Belga deal even sweeter! Regional support for several Belga Films Fund-backed projects

In the last few months, several projects financed by Belga Films Fund’s Tax Shelter branch have received backing from Belgium’s regional funds, thereby even sweetening the co-production deal and making the Belgian solution more attractive.

Last year, Kursk received massive Regional Funding from Belgium’s 3 Regional Funds (Screen Flanders, Screen Brussels and Wallimage). Kursk will have its world premiere September 6th on opening night of the Toronto Film Festival. The Most Assassinated Woman in the World, a Netflix-financed, French-speaking project produced by Fontana Films (Belgium) and Tax Sheltered by Belga Films Fund, received Wallimage funding.

This year, Notre-Dame-du-Nil, lead-produced by Les Films du Tambour and Chapter 2 (France) and directed by Atiq Rahimi, will benefit from Wallimage financing after successful application by Belga Productions. Notre-Dame-du-Nil will be shot in Rwanda next October.  7 heads of department will be Belgians (and eligible to both Tax Shelter and Wallonia fundings.

Additionally, Michel Hazanavicius’s new project Le Prince Oublié starring Omar Sy and Bérénice Béjo, co-produced by Belga Productions, did seduce Wallimage last July and will spend a significant amount in Wallonia.

For all the projects it co-produces, Belga is responsible for applying to local Regional Funds.  Regional Funding sweetens what is already an unparalleled proposal from Belga: Benelux distribution, local production services and in-house Belgian Tax Shelter funding.

L'homme qui a vendu sa peau

A film supported by Belga Films Fund selected at the 2020 Venice Mostra!

Congratulations to the Kwassa Films team for the selection of their feature film "The man who sold his skin" at the prestigious Venice Film Festival ! Another project supported by the faithful Tax Shelter investors of Belga Films Fund. Belga Films Fund warmly thanks the investors for their support.

Two films supported by Belga Films Fund selected by 2020 Cannes Film Festival

In this year when it could not be held in its usual format, the Cannes Film Festival was keen to present an official selection to support some 50 films out of the more than 2.000 projects submitted. Two of these 56 films were supported by the Tax Shelter via Belga Films Fund. The animated film "Josep" is a co-production of the production companies Les Films d'Ici Méditerranée (France) and Lunanime (Belgium). The film, based on real facts, tells the story of Josep Bartoli, a press cartoonist who lives and illustrates the Retirada (the post-war Spanish republican exile) in the south of France. The animation and post-production work was carried out in the Ghent studio of the Lumière company. The comedy "Antoinette dans les Cévennes" is a Franco-Belgian co-production by the production companies La Filmerie, Chapka Films and Belga Productions. These two films "Cannes 2020" received support from the Belgian Tax Shelter system via Belga Films Fund and are scheduled for theatrical release in the second half of 2020.
Bigfoot Family

Bigfoot Family, selected at the prestigious 2020 Annecy Festival

Bigfoot Family, the eighth animated film from the Brussels nWave studio, had its world premiere in the official competition of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, in the feature film category. The 2020 edition of the Annecy Festival was held in digital version from 15 to 30 June. Bigfoot Family is directed by Ben Stassen and Jérémie Degruson, is 95% produced in Belgium at the nWave studio in Brussels and is supported by the Tax Shelter of Belga Films Fund. The Belgian release of the film by Belga Films is scheduled for August 5th 2020.
Bigfoot Junior

Bigfoot Junior (aka The Son of Bigfoot) near the top of the Belgian box office in 2017

Produced by the hugely successful Brussels-based animation studio nWaveBigfoot Junior, directed by Ben Stassen and Jérémie Degruson, was released worldwide last Summer and grossed $50 million worldwide while attracting 200.000 viewers in Belgium alone. It ranks #7 among the 250+ films released by an independent Belgian distributor last year. The film was supported by the Belgian Tax Shelter of Belgian Federal Government via Belga Films Fund for several million euros and co-produced by Belga Productions. The film also got support from two Belgian Regional Funds, namely Screen Brussels and WallimageBelga Films Fund also supports nWave’s next movie The Queen’s Corgi (release in 2019), currently being produced in Brussels.

Kursk, one of the biggest films ever produced in Belgium

Kursk is the fact-based survival drama, directed by Thomas Vinterberg and starring Colin Firth, Matthias Schoenaerts and Léa Sédoux. The film centers on a true story of the Kursk, a nuclear-powered Russian submarine that sank during a training exercise in the Barents Sea in 2000. Twenty-three sailors survive the crash and desperately wait for help to arrive while their oxygen runs out minute-by-minute. Physical production, which took place mostly in Belgium, ended last August.  The film is currently in post-production.  EuropaCorp manages the international sales of the project. The movie benefited from massive tax shelter support by Belga Films Fund and, upon application by Belga Productions, from the support of the three Belgian Regional Funds (Screen Flanders, Screen Brussels and Wallimage).  Belga Films will release the project in theaters in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands later this year. Stay tuned for more news about this hugely ambitious project in the coming months and contact us to know how Belga assisted this project in Belgium (
Over Water

Several TV projects financed by Belga Films Fund’s Tax Shelter 

Next to the financing and production of feature films, documentaries, animated movies, Belga is also actively financing TV series and made-for-TV films.  Recent examples include: Over Water is a series by Flemish national broadcaster één and produced by Panenka, a tv production company that has been producing television programs since2014. It tells the story of John Beckers, who is given an ultimate chance by his wife and two kids to get his life back on track and regain their trust. The total budget for season I and II reaches 10,1-M€. Belga Films Fund, via its Tax Shelter investors brought more than 2,2 million to the two series.The first season will be broadcast on één in Q4 2018. De Dag is a series by Flemish broadcaster VIER and tells the story of a meticulously-prepared hostage-taking in a bank office in a small Flemish town. Broadcast is planned for Q2 2018. Two made-for-TV films were completed in 2017. Le Viol, a 2-M€ TV film, was screened on French national TV in Q3 last year. The most assassinated woman in the world, produced by Netflix and shot exclusively in Belgium, was financed by Belga Films Fund’s Tax Shelter. The project, produced in Belgium by Fontana and supported by Wallimage, will hit the platform later this year. For these projects, Belga Films Fund provided attractive financing via its in-house Tax Shelter fund and accompanied the production process via its production arm, Belga Productions.
La La Land

2017, another excellent year for Belga Films at the box office

In 2017, Belga Films’ theatrical distribution activities in Belgium boomed again with excellent box office achievements:  out of the top 6 movies released by an independent distributor last year, Belga Films succeeded in positioning 4 of its releases and half of the best 25 performing films distributed by an independent were brought to the market by Belga Films. Huge successes such as La La Land (more than 400.000 admissions), Paddington 2 (more than 350.000 admissions to date) contributed to the company’s great box office results in 2017. Bigfoot Junior, the animation film produced by nWave and Valerian each exceeded 200.000 admissions in Belgium alone.  Three other projects topped 100.000 admissions (Wonder, Jigsaw and Le sens de la fête), a mark achieved by only 6% of the titles from independent distributors. In total, Belga Films movies were seen by over 2.2 million people in the cinemas in Belgium alone in 2017, a remarkable 43% increase over 2016.  25 new movies will be released by Belga Films in 2018, among which the highly-anticipated Taxi 5, produced by Luc Besson, Thomas Vinterberg’s Kursk and Robin Hood, starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx and Jamie Dornan.

Belga-backed Ceres selected at the Berlin International Film Festival

The documentary film Ceres by Brussels-based Dutch director Janet van den Brand has been selected at the Berlin International Film Festival (15-25 February), where it will be in competition in the Generation K Plus programme. Belga’s in-house Belgian Tax Shelter fund has financed the project initiated by upcoming Belgian documentary production company, Diplodokus, in co-production with Belga Productions. Ceres is a poetic and tangible documentary film that follows four children as they experience the natural cycle of life on a farm. Each child lives on a remote farm in the southwest of The Netherlands and is learning the profession of their ancestors from a young age. They dream that one day they will take over the farm of their father. Watch the trailer here. In 2017, Belga Productions  co-produced and co-financed Diplodokus’ documentary series Once upon a time, about the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences and the documentary film Annapolis, about Antwerp's left bank.
The Hummingbird Project

The Canada-Belgium high speed connection: Kim Nguyen’s The Hummingbird Project produced by Item7 and co-produced by Belga Productions

Kim Nguyen’s drama The Hummingbird Project is described as a “modern epic” that “exposes the ruthless edge of our increasingly digital world.” The story follows two cousins from New York (Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgård), experts at High Frequency Trading. They dream of building a fiber-optic cable between Kansas and New Jersey. Salma Hayek stars as their former boss Eva Torres, a power yet manipulative trader who will stop at nothing to get in their way. This film is a great and rare example of a trans-Atlantic co-production between Canada and Belgium. An official co-production between Item 7 in Montreal (War Witch, C.R.A.Z.Y., Brooklyn) and Belga Productions in Brussels, the film benefited from Eurimages support and Belgian Tax Shelter support via Belga Films Fund. Shooting in Quebec was wrapped in mid-December 2017. Post-production starts in Belgium next March. The film will be completed next summer and released before the end of the year. HanWay handles the international sales of the film. During this year’s Berlinale, the Embassy of Canada in Berlin and Trans Atlantic Partners will present a Berlinale Warm-up party celebrating 10 years of Trans Atlantic Partners and featuring The Hummingbird Project as a great example of cross-border collaboration.
Discover Bigfoot Junior's teaser trailer

Discover Bigfoot Junior’s teaser trailer


Belga Productions present in Cannes

Belga Productions team is of course in Cannes and happy to meet producers to explain the financing possibilities (Tax shelter, Regional funds, etc) and production services our company has to offer. To book a meeting feel free to contact Fabrice Delville – Founder & General Manager – M: + 32 478 36 60 50

Belga Productions’ film selected at Cannes Film Festival!

Financed via Tax Shelter by Belga Films Fund and co-produced by Belga Productions, Roman Polanski’ new film, D’après une histoire vraie, has been added to the Official Selection of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival (Out of Competition). Congratulations to the film, its crew, the Belgian crew and suppliers, and to our production partner, Wy Productions! This selection demonstrates once more the attractiveness of the Belgian Tax Credit system (‘Belgian Tax Shelter’) and of Belga’s offer to international producers looking for a one-stop solution in Belgium.

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