Producing in Belgium

In the last decade, Belgium has successfully positioned itself as an attractive production destination thanks to a combination of talented crew members, state-of-the-art facilities and service providers, and financing capabilities un-paralleled in Europe.

Financial incentives

The Belgian Tax Rebate system (“Tax Shelter”) is available to all European qualifying films and TV productions. The Tax Shelter scheme can finance in excess of 42% of qualifying Belgian expenditure.  Its fees are self-supported.

Belgian co-productions can combine Tax shelter financing with  regional funds such as WallimageScreen Brussels and Screen Flanders up to 500.000€ additional financing per film per region.

Infrastructure and crews

The country boasts skilled and highly qualified French, Dutch and English-speaking crews with considerable experience of large-scale shoots. Belgium also has a booming post-production and VFX sector and up-to-date studios and plenty of rental companies providing top notch grip and lighting equipment.


Complementing the different financing schemes, Belgium can offer incoming producers a wide range of locations, from rugged rural to post-industrial urban. It is a compact and easy to navigate country. Thanks to the high possibilities of financing, many large international coproductions  have taken place in the country in recent years.

Belgium is a stone throw from key European cities including London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam.


Official Tax Shelter brochure