Producing with us

Belga Productions finances films and TV productions with Funds raised via Belga Films Fund, its in-house Tax Shelter fund.

As co-producer, Belga Productions guides and assists its partners at every stage of the film’s production: organizing the filming or post-production in Belgium (budget, locations, choice of crew, etc.). Belga Productions also seeks out additional funding and puts the coproduction structure in place. The projects selected by Belga Productions have budgets ranging from € 1 to € 50 million and include every genre.

To qualify, projects must have a majority of European components: cast, technical crew, funding, etc. but there is no obligation for it to be an official coproduction with Belgium.

Shooting in Belgium is not compulsory in order to access the Tax Shelter scheme. However, Belgium offers significant advantages in terms of filming and post-production costs compared with other European countries.

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